WELCOME! *A special welcome to former Dancing Chicks Ranch Emu Oil customers.

      In a world filled with harmful chemicals, we are serious about providing clean, handcrafted products you can use to nourish your skin with confidence.
Considering emu oil’s extraordinary ability to absorb  it is especially important to have clean ingredients.    
  At Leaping Emu we follow the time honored formulas previously used by Dancing Chicks Ranch Emu Oil and Arizona Outback for our products.

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    Emus are a flightless bird but they do indeed leap (up to 7 feet straight up) to reach what they need or want.            We hope you will join us in reaching out for the best in life. 

And of course, please reach out for some Leaping Emu.


We  use only 100% pure oil with no additives from a supplier certified by the American Emu Association.

      Our emu oil lotions, soaps, and  moisturizers are handmade in Tucson, Arizona.  For skin care products  that are as clean as possible, we make them paraben free, SLS free, petroleum product free, dimethicone free,  synthetic color free,  mineral oil free,  formaldehyde free, and  lard free.

Mission Statement:
Accept with gratitude what we have been given and do good with it.


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Our customers consistently comment on how nice our products feel
on their skin and how quickly the products absorb.
Why not feel for yourself!
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“Good on ya!”